Saturday, 8 May 2010

Copyright Jane Massey 2010
My Lips are Sealed

© Jane Massey 2010
If you use this image on your blog please credit Jane Massey.
I am currently working on some interesting projects which I'd love to share with you but unfortunately my lips are sealed. In the meantime I hope to upload lots more things that I like, some personal projects and some old favourites.

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  1. hi!

    my name is Migue Lima, I'm Portuguese and I have a blog [Tomo I].

    I found this absolutely brilliant! illustration through Google and I want to insert it in a new post that I'm writting about an article about footbal [yeap! that's correct. I'm a football fan - not fanatic, ok? ;)].

    I read yours introduction and copyright terms of use of the images (illustrations and photographs). so I want to ask you if that's ok by you and if you don't mind if I insert this image in that post that I've told you about.
    I'll insert a copyright icon and a link to yours blog, as I always do when the images aren't mine.

    hope to hear from you soon, expecting a positive answer from you. ;)

    best regards,

    Tomo I