Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Coast Magazine Poster Competition

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Happy Holidays in Hove wins second prize!
Papercut artist Rob Ryan was especially taken by runner-up Jane Massey's Happy Holidays in Hove painting of her home town in East Sussex. 'The wide pavement by the sea in Hove is such a lively, jolly place,' he says, 'full of people walking, rollerblading, taking dogs out, cycling, flying kites - and this picture captures that feeling really well.'
The article above will appear in the November issue of Coast on sale 18th Oct.
Congratulations to the competition winner Barry Goodman-See more of Barry's work here.


  1. congrats Jane! your design looks fab, would be great to see it bigger..

  2. Thanks Moira. I don't have a scan unfortunately. I'm planning to post a bigger image once my artwork is returned.

  3. congratulations! Love the quirky assemblage!