Monday, 19 December 2011


The best thing about Christmas for me has to be decorating the house.
Every year I add a few more bits to my collection either
homemade or bought.
1. Vintage stocking, tree stocking by Samantha Stas, Santa
by my little'un!
2. Tree decorations by Fisher Price-excellent!
3. Paper snowflake, vintage angel, stained glass effect angel I cobbled together last Christmas from acetate and sweet wrappers!
4. Playmobil Santa from this years advent calendar. I don't know who's more excited each morning, me or the children! This years lego Christmas decorations.
5. My gorgeous Little Wanderer by the brilliant Yoshitomo Nara dressed up ready for Christmas.


  1. Good to see someone else has Lego Christmas too!

    Best wishes for the holidays.

  2. Merry Christmas Jane! hope you all have a great time over the holidays..your home looks v festive! loving your acetate angel:)

  3. That stained glass angle is really effective, I may try and have a go with one of thiose. What did you use for the black lead bits?