Thursday, 4 October 2012

Knight School

The sequel to Knight Time written by Jane Clarke and published by Random House. Knight School is now in all reputable stores!

 On the first day of school, their daddies helped them get ready.

 "I'm not scared!"


 You will have to buy the book to see what Little Knight is pointing at!!

Knight Time is also being published in a new smaller hardback format with a cuddly Little Dragon for Christmas 2012. A new friend for Percy Pig?!
I am currently working on a new picture book with Random which is taking me off in a very different direction. You could definitely describe the style as mixed media-ink,watercolour,gouache,felt tip pens, coloured pencil, wax desk has been very untidy these last couple of months!
On the theme of Knight Time...I have been asked along with the author Jane Clarke to do a workshop in London for the SCBWI in early 2013 talking about how we created the story and characters for the book. Hope you can make it. I will give more details nearer the time.