Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Mary and Susan

Do you remember Clackers?! I can still remember the feeling when I caught my knuckles! It has been fun reminiscing about the games of my childhood for this weeks Illustration Friday-so much so that I had to artwork a couple more of my initial ideas.


  1. these are soooo sweet!
    lovey dove them.

  2. oh these characters are adorable!!! I had those ball knockers when I was a kid and I think I still have them somewhere!!!

  3. Oh yes, you've captured the 70s here! (quilted nylon anorak, those textured white socks pulled to a just-below-the-knee flattering height, the hair bobbles and hairsides...) And I can well remember the sound of a playground full of clackers (the rhythmic clicking and the yelps of pain!) and the subsequent banning of them!