Friday, 24 September 2010


If I HAD to choose a favourite colour I think it would have to be red. I think it really can cheer you up! These are just a few of the red things that live in our home.
Pic 1. Enamel Cooking Pot by Finel, Red Magazine-a monthly treat! Brooch by
Jane Foster-(I don't think this design is in production now), Red Vase by Riihamki.
Pic 2. Handkerchief Vase by Chance, Money Box by Luigi Colani, Delicious Tomato Paste from Jamie Oliver ( I love the packaging in his stores), Keep Calm Tea Towel-a friend kindly made it into a wall hanging for me, Egg Cup by Alessi.
Pic 3. Monty Print by String, My favourite Red Tights-Roll on Winter! Fabric by Stig Lindberg and Heart Bowl (Thanks Darling!) by Kaj Franck.


  1. Ooh hello there!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, I followed you back to here, what a gorgeous wee blog you have too!


  2. i have to say red is an awesome color as well. Great blog and fun illustrations!

  3. wow - don't they all look great together, I am inspired to theme all my bits and pieces (of which I have many!)

  4. Thank you for the comment!
    Red is my fav colour...

  5. i love red, too. It's a common theme throughout my house. Maybe one day I'll post all my red things, too. You inspire me.

  6. love the colourful little London blocks - buses, trees and taxis. I have a plain wooden version from Muji but would love to get a coloured version. Where did you get it from?

  7. I thought I bought them in Muji a few years ago but I'm not certain. I could have picked them up second hand. Sorry I can't be any more specific.